Biological filters

Bio-filters - The biological cleansing of air can be taken for consideration in aim to eliminate of diverse pollutants e.g.: aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, organic acids, phenols, amines and ammonia.
During the process of the biofiltration, the stream of polluted air is being forced into the biofilter through
filtering material where the process of absorption has taking place. As an effect of the metabolic
reactions the half-products are coming (CO2 and H2O).

Adventages of biofiltration:

  • no waste requiring of special recycling,
  • pollutants are decomposed to neutral compounds as: H2O, CO2 and biomass,
  • biomass stays inside the biofilter and in years later is possible to compost it together with batch material,
  • well designed biofilters practically require no service,
  • exceptionally low costs of investment and using in comparison to traditional devices,
  • biofilters possess, so called, social acceptance.

We offer entire range of biofilters for the immediate installation in such places as: manholes, pumping station, and waste water treatment plants.
Filter material is made from natural wood (shredded tree roots). Filter material is subjected to
microbiological and mechanical processing which optimizing its properties, and make it extremely stable.
The specific structure of filter material resulting outstandingly long-lasting filtering capacity and a low pressure drop. The mechanical and microbiological properties are altering only slightly over time. The phenomenon of “compaction of the filter bed” practically not appearing for years. Its secure long functioning of the filter (three and more years) without necessity of filter material refill.
Materials used to construction of the filter (EPDM, PE, galvanized and acid-resistant steel) are resistant to damaging conditions, and giving the guarantee of device’s failure-free working.