Chemical filters

DKFIL deodorizing systems are dry chemical filters, made of a stainless steel container filled with a mixture of filtering materials, tailor-made according to the quality/quantity of effluents to be cleaned.

DKFIL filters were designed and realized to reduce the concentration of gaseous components present in emissions exhausted in the atmosphere (such as, for instance, ammonia, mercaptans, amines, sulphur components, etc.), so as to get a significant reduction/abatement of unpleasant smells.

DKFIL may operate with a wetness percent in the inlet air reaching even 90%. It consumes a minor quantity of absorbing material with re-spect to traditional filters - up to 50% - and it has a minimum duration of 12 months. Furthermore, as it is made of various layers, it is possible to change various elements according to operational requirements.

The process allowing for the reduction of components and smells starts from the moment the air flow to be treated is introduced into the filter in an induced or forced way through a suitable extractor, which the filters can be equiped with. Then, according to the degree of absolute wetness, the air goes through a drier and is conveyed inside the filtering layers at a pre-set speed.

According to the type of effluents to be treated, the system operation may be regulated from an electric board possibly equipped with an inverter. Apart from a specific setting of operation timing and filtering materials formula, no other settings need to be carried out.

Container is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and iti is complete with supporting feet, as well as a loading and inspection cover.

As an filtering material the acid and basic chemical components are used (for instance, sulphuric and phosforic acid, soda, sodium hydroxide, alumina, potassium permanganate, etc.) according to the chemical characteristics of the affluents to be treated.