bioArcus Ltd., is a pioneer in application of microorganism cultures, enzymes, as well as implementation of anti-odor techniques and products onto Polish market.  The Company renders service in the field of environmental protection conducting the following activities:

  • Anti-odor installations including indoors and outdoors industrial and municipal osmogenic barriers. Applications of biofilters and chemical filters for malodor inactivation. bioArcus Ltd., is the national pioneer in the full scale ODOR STOP® Program.
  • Application of biotechnological methods and specialized sales of microbiological products supporting work of waste water treatment plants and other industrial and public facilities,
  • Consulting/technical service.

bioArcus Ltd., sales team consists of environmental specialists, cooperating with the waste water treatment plant designers, the sewage technologists, scientific consultants etc. Team visits about 1500 sites over the Polish territory every year, serving old and new customers.

bioArcus Ltd., participates in fairs, ventures, conferences and symposia in Poland and abroad. We are in the constant process of developing the new strategies based on modern biotechnological solutions and technologically advanced methods for improvement air quality. 


Company President:
Hanna KOZIEJ, M.Sc., MBA

Responsible for the international contacts:
Zygmunt TOMASZEWSKI (Product Manager)